Store Policy


We gladly accept returns from our customers. Please make sure that your product still has the original shrinkwrap or fliptop seal, foil safety seal and label. It must be present to qualify for a refund. All refunds are less shipping fees and a 15% restocking fee for a standard return. All returns for research chemicals must be made within 30 days of the payment date. For peptides, the return must be made within 15 days of the payment date due to perishability (being more than 15 days of improper storage [room temperature]).

All returns require a return authorization from us. This means simply that we must be contacted before the return is made. If a return is made without a return authorization from us, a 30% restocking fee will be required before a refund is made.

If you feel that your order has been filled incorrectly (wrong or missing product[s]), do not throw away anything that's in the box and contact us immediately and do not send back the shipment before contacting us. Please keep in mind that has a barcoded pick order system. This system is virtually mistake-proof and we consider it to be a "last word" mechanism for determining shipping contents.

It is required that all returned items are shipped with TRACKING SERVICE OR DELIVERY CONFIRMATION... no exceptions. This is for our and your protection.

FOREIGN RETURNS: We will gladly take a return for a foreign order and will deduct only the standard 15% restocking fee and shipping cost. At the same time, if the order is a reship due to a customs seizure, we will deduct a 30% restocking fee and both shipping charges.

PEPTIDE RETURNS / EXCHANGES: We will take a return on any peptide within 15 days from delivery date as long as the vial "flip off" cap is still in place. If you wish to return a peptide due to clouding, the material must be in the same vial in which it was purchased and sealed.

For any issue that may arise, please contact our customer service department at It is in our best interest to keep our customers satisfied so you can rely on us for a prompt and fair resolution to any problems.


This corporate entity / online store reserves the right to hold what we deem as questionalbe transactions in an effort to reduce the amount of consumer fraud that takes place. A transaction can be deemed questionable for several reasons but are not limited to: A non working phone number, back to back large orders for the same product going to different addresses, customer, billing and shipping addresses all being different, large foreign orders with differing shipping and billing address and/or names, as well as other reasons that may arise upon viewing the "overall feel" of the order. We will make every effort to contact the customer on the phone number provided and will send an email as well to seek proof of the legitimacy of the order, but if there is no answer to our phone call or no response to our voicemail message, or no response to our email message, or the phone number and / or email address is not working, we reserve the right to hold the order until we are contacted by the customer, or until 15 business days have passed from the order date. When 15 business days have passed with no resoponse from the customer we will automatically refund the processed payment and the issue will be considered settled.

Please understand that it is not the intention of this company to unfairly withhold funds from its customers. We will gladly issue refunds upon request by the customer or by the result of a formal investigation into the legitimacy of the transaction. Of course we also are willing to send the items ordered when the legitimacy of the transaction is proven by way of a response from the cardholder (customer) or by investigation through our credit card processor. If a response is granted by the customer about a questionable transaction hold, we will ask that a copy of the credit card and drivers license of the customer be faxed to: 949 791 8065. NOTE: When faxing the latter proof, it is only required that the last 4 numbers of the card show. Please redact (block) the proceeding 12 numbers with a felt pen. Proof can also be emailed to the following email address: Also, use the latter email for any questions or concerns that you may have concerning this policy. Thank You