Delivery Information

AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS: Please take note: We no longer guarantee delivery in Australia due to excessive customs seizures.


We strive to ship all orders the same day that they were placed. Our shipping cutoff is 12:30pm PST. If your order is placed after cutoff, it will be shipped the following day / weekday. A tracking number will be emailed to you as long as you provide a valid email address at the time of your order. If you don't receive your order tracking information, it can be emailed to you upon request, but please check your junk email folder first.


Items that are on special do not usually fall under our normal shipping times. There are times when the demand prevents us from filling a particular item as quickly as we normally would. Purchasing expedited service will place an order to the front of the line so this is often suggested for those who want to order and receive a sale item fast.


Items that are exchanged or replaced also sometimes do not fall under our normal shipping times for varying reasons.


If your shipment has been lost by the USPS and it is not recovered, and the delivery confirmation report shows a non-delivery then we will reship at no cost to the customer. However, if the shipment is claimed to be lost by USPS and the delivery confirmation shows "delivered" then our guarantee has been fulfilled and WE WILL NOT RESHIP FREE OF CHARGE. Please keep in mind that we sell shipping insurance and if this service is purchased, then reshipment is guaranteed an no cost to the customer. Also, it is suggested that customers have their orders shipped "signature only" if they have had delivery problems in the past or who want to ensure delivery. In other words, we aren't responsible for stolen mail. To request a "signature only" shipment, you must request this service in the "notes" field of the order page. Also, if for some reason the customer is requested to pick up a package at their local post office and does not follow through and the package is lost or destroyed as a result, we are not responsible.


We will ship internationally but it is the sole responsibility of the customer to be abreast of the laws governing the importation and possession of the products ordered. Our delivery guarantee does cover one customs seizure and we will reship an order in that event free of charge as long as the items ordered in your country are legal to posses. If however the items are seized again (2nd attempt) in the customs process, we will not reship a third time and our guarantee is fulfilled. We will cover product costs up to $250 in the event of a seizure. Any value beyond that is the responsibility of the customer. If it so happens that the second shipping attempt seizure is returned to us and the products are in tact (i.e. peptides are returned within 15 days) then we will issue a refund minus the shipping cost, but please note that the return of a second seizure is extremely unlikely. NOTE TO ALL FOREIGN CUSTOMERS: This company will only insure seizures that have 10 or less glass vials. If you happen to order more than this and your shipment gets seized, we are not responsible.

If it is the case that a seizure is returned to us then this company reserves the right to reship to the foreign customer. If there is a situation where multiple packages are shipped to fulfill one order, and at least one shipment is successfully delivered to the foreign customer, then this company reserves the right to continue to ship until the order is completely fulfilled. The shipping fee is the responsibility of the customer but only once, it will never be that a customer is charged for multiple shipping attempts. All of the latter will take place if and only if there are no laws against the importation of the items in question. Again, we strongly suggest getting to know your countries importation laws concerning the products that you are ordering before completing the purchase. Also, we no longer combine orders to countries outside of the USA so foreign customers should be certain that there order is complete before processing.

If at any time during the foreign shipping process a customer receives a "seizure letter" from any customs service, it is generally required that a copy of that letter is digitally reproduced (scanned or legible photograph) and emailed to us for examination. The reason for this is to give us a chance to interpret your countries legal policies on the products being shipped and to write a response for release of the seized shipment should that be a possibility.

*Warning to Australian Customers*

Australian customs is notoriously strict and despite the legality (in Australia) of the products that we ship, they are still seized. Our Australian customers still enjoy the above shipping guarantee but there is one key difference. The difference is that we do not guarantee the successful passage of vials across Australian customs. If you order vials and you live in Australia, the risk of seizure belongs to you. This means that if you order liquid chemicals (which are guaranteed), and mix the order with vials and a seizure takes place, we are not responsible for the seizure. In other words, if you order liquid chemicals alone and the order is seized then we will reship once. If you order vials, or a mixture of  vials and liquid chemicals and there is a seizure we are not responsible. As long as the items are legal in Australia it is wise to separate vial and liquid chemical shipments as to not put the liquid chemicals at risk.


It is understood by this company that good communication is great business practice. Should you have a customer service inquiry please email us at and you will be responded to in a very prompt manner.